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Climate Champions Quest

The objective of this competition is to spark an interest in environmental stewardship among children aged 8 to 12 through engaging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) activities, fostering creativity and innovation in addressing climate change and sustainability.
₦2 million
and other consolation prizes to be won!

Competition Guidelines

Applicants can focus their project application on one of these competition categories below:
  1. Eco-Storytelling:
    • Objective: Create short stories or comics that imagine a world overcoming specific environmental issues.
    • STEAM Integration: Encourages literacy, critical thinking , and imagination  in crafting narratives that propose innovative solutions to real-world problems.
    • Guidelines: Entries must be original and can be handwritten or typed. Comics can be drawn by hand or using digital tools. Stories should be 500-1000 words, while comics should be 1-4 pages.
  2. Recycle & Innovate Challenge:
    • Objective: Design and build a useful item or art piece using only recyclable materials.
    • STEAM Integration: Combines (building and design principles), (understanding materials and their properties), and (aesthetic presentation and creativity).
    • Guidelines: Submissions must include a list of materials used, a brief explanation of the creation process, and a photo or video of the final product. Participants are encouraged to explain the science behind their choice of materials and how their creation addresses a specific environmental issue.
  3. “Trash to Treasure” Craft:
    • Objective: Create useful items or toys from household recyclable materials, focusing on innovation and utility.
    • STEAM Integration: Utilizes principles of Mathematics (measuring, scaling), Arts (design and creativity), and Engineering (construction techniques).
    • Guidelines: Participants must submit a detailed description of their crafting process, including the role of each material used. Photos or a short video showcasing the item from different angles and its intended use are required.

Other Information

Submission Process

  • Participants register through an online form, providing basic information and selecting their competition category.
  • Submissions are made via a dedicated portal on the competition website, where participants can upload their stories, comics, photos, or videos along with a brief description of their project.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a parent or guardian consent form.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity & Originality: Innovation in concept and design.
  • Relevance to Theme: Clear connection to environmental sustainability or climate action.
  • STEAM Integration: Effective use of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge.
  • Presentation: Clarity, organization, and aesthetic appeal of the submission.
  • Impact: Potential for real-world environmental benefit.


  • Registration Opens: April 20
  • Submission Deadline: June 3rd
  • Judging Period: June 4-8
  • Deliberation and Final Decisions: June 9 – 15
  • Awards Ceremony: June 19

Awards & Recognition

  • Prizes: Winners in each category receive cash and gift prizes worth N500,000, eco-friendly STEM kits, books on environmental science, and art supplies. All winners and runner-ups receive digital certificates.
  • Showcase: Selected entries will be featured in an online gallery and during a virtual award ceremony, where winners will have the opportunity to present their work.
  • Feedback: Constructive comments from the judges will be provided to encourage learning and growth.