eSports Competition

We are excited to announce the launch of our upcoming School Esports Tournament, an exciting and unique opportunity for students from different schools to compete and showcase their skills in popular Esports games.

The STEAM Fun Fest esports competition is for secondary school students in Nigeria and for the overall purpose of entertainment, socializing and development.

With the rapid growth of Esports, this tournament provides an excellent platform for students to engage in healthy competition, develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills, and expand their interests beyond the traditional classroom environment.

eSports Competition

Process for the eSport Competition

Through this tournament, students get to display their competitive skills in the emerging area of esports, experience a new career path, win prizes/scholarships for themselves and their school and also develop certain technical skills in the area of video gaming and content creation.

Our tournament will feature 2 popular Esports games. These are:

  • FIFA
  • Just Dance

Each participating school should register a minimum of two (2) players.

eSport Competition Prices & Timeline


Winners of the STEAM Fun Fest eSports competition will be awarded;

  • 1-month internship at Gamr Africa
  • Training on eSports, video editing etc
  • One million naira (N1,000,000) worth of prizes will be awarded to the winning teams, providing an added incentive for students to participate.


The competition will run from March to July 2022. Kindly find below an overview of the timeline for the competition.

eSports Competition

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